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August 26, 2020

Peter Cook, Editor

Week 5 of the Ghost Kitchen Digest brings you more of the latest news on ghost kitchens! And as has been the case for recent months, ghost kitchens continue to spread like wildfire not only across the U.S., but across the entire globe.

In the U.S., companies such as REEF and Doordash have been introducing some novel ideas to the industry. At the same time, small, independent ghost kitchens are springing up as local hubs. Outside of the U.S., restaurants are opening up virtual spots in countries like India and Thailand.

Also featured this week are some great articles which develop more fully this new and explosive industry. With that, please sit back, and enjoy the Ghost Kitchen Digest!

Issue #5

DoorDash Strategies Amid Consolidation of Its Biggest Rivals

The third-party delivery operator is positioning itself as more than a restaurant delivery service as it reportedly plans IPO in late 2020.

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Public Company To Relocate California Headquarters to Miami To Open Ghost Kitchen

ShiftPixy Inc. plans to move its executive operations cross-country and relocate its headquarters to Miami.

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Turning Parking Lots into a Restaurant Goldmine

Call it a food truck or call it a ghost kitchen. Whatever you call it, REEF Technology is likely a glimpse into the future.

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More Than One Way To Go Virtual

This seemingly infinite virtual restaurant space — geared for delivery-only products — is erupting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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What Is Restaurant as a Service?

While most people are familiar with Software as a Service (SaaS), it seems many are understandably unfamiliar with Restaurant as a Service (RaaS).

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

There are thousands of these new “virtual” restaurants popping up in cities all over the world, restaurants that have no actual retail presence, just a bare bones kitchen placed in stripped down spaces with extremely low rent and overhead, the popular term for these phantom restaurants are “Ghost Kitchens”.

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You Don’t Scare Me – I Am a Restauranteur!

How does someone decide that it was a good idea to own a restaurant? Well, there are good reasons to do so, but honestly, becoming wealthy is not one of them.

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Cloud Kitchen Vs Dine-In Restaurant: What Is the Major Difference?

Cloud or ghost kitchen is born out of the necessity of easing and simplifying the food delivery solutions. Unlike restaurants, it does not need much investment or set-up. We will help you understand the major difference between Cloud kitchen and Dine-in restaurant.

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Cloud Kitchen Sector To Reach USD 2.63 Billion by 2026

Cloud kitchens miraculously seem like the only rational thing to do to handle high rentals and poor profitability with the introduction of cloud technology, enabling online delivery.

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Can Ghost Kitchens Save the Vanishing Restaurant Biz?

Ghost kitchens, a concept that only really started turning heads one year ago, are practically unavoidable these days in a conversation about the restaurant industry.

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Ghost Kitchens Assisting Restaurant Chains Aiming To Boost Sales During Pandemic

This article provides a good summary of a lot of the big movement going on in the ghost kitchen industry over these past weeks.

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Rick Bayless Gets into the Ghost Kitchen Game

With airport business temporarily paused, Bayless is making his Tortas Frontera concept available through Kitchen United.

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Wiz Khalifa Announces 'Hotbox by Wiz' Delivery-Only Restaurant Chain

Wiz Khalifa partnered with virtual restaurant brand curator Nextbite to start up a delivery-only restaurant chain called HotBox by Wiz, which will be open for business on Oct. 1.

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Sky’s Gourmet Tacos Expands to DTLA with a New To-Go Outpost

After nearly 30 years of running Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, chef Barbara “Sky” Burrell is bringing her tacos–meet–soul-food restaurant Downtown.

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Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya Want To Revolutionize Indian Cuisine

A podcast on the development of two ghost kitchens in New York City.

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Could 'Ghost Kitchens' Be the Future of the Restaurant Industry?

To-go orders and delivery are now the new normal for restaurants across the country and Tampa Bay.

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COVID-19 Makes Ghost Kitchens the Future of Dining

Here is an insightful piece on some resources to take care of ghost kitchen equipment.

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Drive-Thru, Curbside Pickup and Delivery Part of the New Norm in Dining

With the COVID-19 pandemic now into its seventh month in the U.S., it’s clear that everyday life, and the role food-away-from-home is destined to play in it, has changed, almost certainly forever.

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Blockchain in Cloud Kitchen

With rising competition and ever-growing technology, the food space has been prone to many unpredictable changes for quite some time.

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Espita Opens a Smash Burger Ghost Kitchen

Espita Mezcaleria is the latest player to throw their spatula into the ghost game, with former chef Rob Aikens returning to the Shaw kitchen.

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Food Delivery War Rages Amid Global COVID-19 Lockdowns

Here is a rundown of the top players in the food delivery industry from the United States to Asia.

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Bangkok Sushi Storm Brewing As Oishi Launches Cloud Kitchens

Oishi is opening its first cloud kitchen – Oishi Kitchen – giving local at-home diners access to more than 100 dining options from its four outlets, Oishi Buffet, Oishi Ramen, Kakashi and Oishi Delivery.

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Setting Up a Dark Kitchen Within the Budget

India - COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for the hospitality industry to pivot. Be it fine dining or quick service restaurant (QSR), delivery models and the adoption of the cloud kitchen have shown results in reviving the hospitality industry.

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POSist To Play Enabler for Restaurants

POSist has added a latest online ordering system to its offerings to help restaurants, cloud kitchens go direct-to-customer.

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UAE Residents Ditch Fries for Salads in the Wake of Covid-19

Covid-19 may have prompted UAE residents to choose a healthier lifestyle, if their food-ordering choices are anything to go by.

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Malaysian Microbusiness Dreams Come True

MALAYSIA - The mornings for Khris Teri of Halo Doughnut mean time for making sweet treats.

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