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August 6, 2020

Peter Cook, Editor

There is a LOT of news about virtual/ghost kitchens out there. I know. I just spent a few hours just scrolling through article titles and previews to try to find the 25-30 articles that I thought would be most interesting to those of us in the industry who want to learn more, hear about potential business opportunities, and want to stay ahead of the competition. Please let me know how I did.

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Issue #2

A $72B Industry: How TiffinLabs Plans To Open 1,000 Cloud Kitchens Globally

Founded by Singaporean billionaire R. K. Kishin, virtual F&B brand TiffinLabs is expanding to 1,000 cloud kitchens worldwide. The aim is to serve over 15 million households.

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Shake Shack to Test Cloud Kitchen Concept

The brand reveals new strategies to generate revenue amid plunging sales due to the pandemic; the company taps cloud kitchens in United Kingdom.

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Toronto is Getting a Community Kitchen for 100 New Food Businesses

Kitchen24, the massive food incubator, is easily one of the biggest cloud kitchens in Toronto. It's been around for two years, but before the end of 2020, it's about to get even bigger.

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Nathan’s Hot Dogs Expands through Reef Ghost Kitchens

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing more restaurant operators to consider the ghost-kitchen model as a way to expand through delivery into new markets.

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Phat Eatery to Open Ghost Kitchen with Three Concepts

Alex Au-Yeung, chef and owner of Katy’s Phat Eatery, is getting into the ghost kitchen game with a trio of delivery-only concepts at Cloud Kitchens’ Blodgett Food Hall.

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Crepe Delicious Announces Partnership with Ghost Kitchens International

Partnership launches August 17 with a 3-month trial across Canada.

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Qu and Franklin Junction Team on Host Kitchens

Qu announced its partnership with Franklin Junction, the two-sided marketplace featuring Host Kitchen and Cloud Concepts founded by industry veteran Aziz Hashim to help restaurants increase sales in today’s trying economic times.

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Rapper Tyga Launches a Chicken Nugget Virtual Restaurant Chain

Tyga is bringing a whole new level of "Taste" to his fans.

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Virtual Restaurant Franchise Launches Miami Virtual Food Hall

With brands like Chef Burger, El Taco Loco and Mama Rosa, its safe to say that the nation's first virtual restaurant franchise has a little something for everyone.

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Rebel Foods: On Cloud Nine

How Rebel Foods found a silver lining in cloud kitchens, and is churning out a battery of ₹100-crore online-only food brands

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Quick Overview of the Larger Investors in the Ghost Kitchen Space

Here are some of the larger players entering the space, not including the well-established restaurant chains who are also jumping in.

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Karma, UK’s Ghost Kitchens Leaders Raises £252M

The startup intends to use this huge (and quite unexpected) financing to grow faster in the UK and in other European cities.

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Ghost Kitchens – Mergers & Acquisitions

While the ghost kitchen concept is getting plenty of well-deserved press right now, there is one aspect that we believe is worth noting, but which is not yet being discussed: ghost kitchen mergers & acquisitions.

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Why Ghost Kitchens Are Shaping Up To Be The Future For Quick Service Restaurant (QSRs) Operators

The boom in off-premises business has some restaurants considering the virtual kitchen model.

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A Look Inside a Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens are popping up around the country's restaurant scene. Good Morning Arizona reporter Gibby Parra took a behind-the-scenes look at the facility.

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How Ghost Kitchens Can Help Your Business Grow

With the rising trend of online food delivery, many restaurants are starting to diversify away from traditional bricks and mortar and towards delivery-optimised or ‘virtual’ kitchens. This begs the question — what is a virtual kitchen?

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How to Set Up and Run a Ghost Kitchen for Your Restaurant Business

Companies such as Cloud Kitchens and Kitchen United offer kitchen space for rent. Kitchen United, for example, provides a turnkey model, offering a code-safe kitchen with appliances and cooking implements. Cloud Kitchens offers a similar model. Other companies in the ghost kitchen space include Door Dash Kitchens and Virtual Kitchen Co.

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Webinar: Ghost Kitchens and the Changing Nature of Restaurants

Join The Food Institute to learn about Ghost Kitchens and the Changing Nature of Restaurants. Featuring the CEO of Kitchen United Jim Collins and strategy consultant Melissa Wilson of Technomic, this webinar will delve deeper into the role of ghost kitchens in the rapidly changing food service sector.

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Crossing Over: A Guide to Multi-Location Ghost Kitchens

Popular fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s has turned to ghost kitchens (also known as dark, cloud or virtual kitchens) to expand their business operations without the “high real estate costs.” Abigail Pringle, Wendy’s chief development officer, stated ghost kitchens would be a significant part of the chain’s expansion strategy.

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Is Ghost Restaurant or Cloud Kitchen Model Good for Start-Ups?

This model is slowly becoming popular and most of the newcomers along with owners of existing owners want to try Ghost Restaurants.

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Ghost Kitchen – Fast Failures Leading to Success

As hard as the pandemic has been on the industry, it has also forced some real innovations and creativity. Ultimately this should benefit the consumer and those restaurants and grocery stores who focus on providing the solution which the consumer needs.

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Nothing Spooky About It: Ghost Kitchens on the Rise

Restaurants and food companies are creatively streamlining and growing their takeout and delivery methods in these unprecedented times.

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Revolving Kitchen Provides Flexibility to North Texas' Food Industry

About two weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, Tyler Shin began receiving interest from entities wanting to open ghost kitchens.

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Reimagining European Restaurants for the Next Normal

To win in the next normal, European restaurants will need to embrace innovation in their channel strategy, menu offerings, and business model.

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Singapore: Competition Watchdog Ceases Probe into Online Food Delivery and Virtual Kitchen Sectors

Singapore's competition watchdog has ceased investigations into the online food delivery and virtual kitchen sectors, which were prompted by a shared kitchen operator's complaint that it had been shut out by Deliveroo and GrabFood.

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Singapore: Cloud Kitchen to Offer Jobs to Vulnerable Groups, Help Food Heritage Brands Survive

Singapore's first social enterprise cloud kitchen will provide jobs for vulnerable groups while helping food heritage brands to survive during the pandemic.

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India: How Bike Rental Company Vogo Tapped IoT and India’s Growing Appetite for Cloud Kitchens

This week, we focus on bike rental company Vogo’s technological journey, the growing popularity of cloud kitchens, how fintech startup Financepeer is impacting schoolchildren, and the evolution of Blume Ventures.

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Dubai: Innovative Approach Helps Cloud Restaurants Bolster Its Delivery-Only Offerings Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

With their business model well-suited to continue operating in these new, unforeseen circumstances, the founders were able to shift their focus towards other facets of their operations, particularly customer satisfaction.

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ShiftPixy Labs to Support the Rapid Rise of Ghost Kitchens

"ShiftPixy is introducing an innovative approach to physical space requirements, and a format that helps restaurant operators leverage our technology and human capital engagement platform to reimagine and test new ways of becoming better and more agile digital marketers.”

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