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March 23, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

Some big international deals announced over the past week, plus some great analysis and insights.  Solid newsletter this week.  Order some food for delivery and by the time you read through this Digest, the food will be there!


And now, the news…

Issue #135

Ghost Kitchen Brands Announces New Development Agreement for Alabama

Robert Needham will be leading the team to build Ghost Kitchen Brands in Walmarts in Alabama.

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Former Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison Back to Building at Salad and Go

Asked how ghost kitchens might factor into growth plans, Morrison said such facilities can be “especially opportunistic” thinking about catering, large office parties and corporate lunches, which are often challenging for space-constrained restaurants.

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Huge Announcement About the 3rd Annual Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference

A partnership between Texas Restaurant Association and OnTrend Concepts brings together the best of two foodservice worlds.

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Reef Kitchens Appears to Abandon Ghost Kitchen Operations in Portland

Reef isn’t the only one exiting the city…Walmart and Cracker Barrell have as well.

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theDelivery.World: Are delivery companies edging towards profitability?

Peter Backman talks about delivery firms moving toward profitability...and does a deep dive in the numbers. Check it out.

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5 Questions Restaurants Must Ask to Make Sense of Delivery Data

Accessing streams of reports from multiple delivery platforms can be a daunting proposition.

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André Moraes of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab on Helping Restaurants Be Future-Proof

"Data means nothing without insights. Insights mean nothing without action"

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Ghost Kitchens - Emerging Opportunities and Increasing Convergence with Traditional Hospitality

Hotels that do not require a full-service restaurant with dining space and may find leasing kitchen spaces to a ghost kitchen provider far more cost-effective.

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Ghost Kitchen Fundraising and Investment Insights

Get a sneak peak at one of the best panels from the International Ghost Kitchen Conference earlier this month.

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Wendy’s and more restaurant brands are moving away from the ghost kitchen model

Post-COVID-19 pandemic, ghost kitchens won’t work for everyone: But don’t expect dark kitchens to go dark.

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The startling reason people order delivery from McDonald's and Burger King

The title is just clickbait. The article doesn’t seem to really have a point. He’s just not sure about ghost kitchens.

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Podcast: Operationalizing for Growth While Keeping the Customer First

ServiceChannel interviews David Bloom, Chief Development and Operating Officer of Capriotti’s and Wing Zone, discussing, among other things, ghost kitchens.

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How Will Off-Premise Dining In Europe Evolve? A Glimpse Into The Future

Apicbase gives a great overview of some of the trends and issues for off-premise in Europe.

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EU: Dark store clampdowns are the newest headache for rapid grocery delivery in Europe

A lesson for ghost kitchens…community engagement & public relations are vital.

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UK: Residents left sleepless as ‘dark kitchen' opens without planning permission

Case in point (regarding the above article): A “DARK kitchen” operation delivering dishes for big-name chains has sparked a raft of objections after opening without planning permission.

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UAE: talabat opens dine-in venue in Dubai

Talabat has opened its first talabat Kitchen at its new tech headquarters in Dubai’s City Walk.

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Asia: YouTube star MrBeast’s burger chain now in the Philippines

Popular YouTube star MrBeast – whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – is now serving up his famous burgers and chicken sandwiches in the Philippines starting Wednesday, March 22 via local cloud kitchen JustKitchen PH!

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How was the International Ghost Kitchen Conference?

Great insights from attendees of the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam.

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India: TGAL, Japan Announces Exclusive Partnership with Village Food Courts for India

TGAL, the largest food tech company in Japan and one of the most recognised food conglomerates with a network of over 1400 host kitchens and over 120 brands from different regions of Japan announces an exclusive partnership with Village Food Courts (VFC), the largest F&B aggregator of National & International brands in India.

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India: ‘Kitchens@’ Acquires Swiggy’s Access In All-Equity Deal

“The addition of Swiggy’s Access kitchens will bolster the reach and operations of Kitchens@’s in four cities across 52 locations and more than 700 kitchens, providing customers with more convenient and efficient food delivery options,” said Junaiz Kizhakkayil, CEO of Kitchens@.

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India: Sunny Side Up 🍳: Oscars, Swiggy’s cloud kitchen exit & a sweet financial habit

Interesting additional insights into the Swiggy – Kitchens@ deal.

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India: Kitchens@ calls off merger deal with Kitchen Centre

Cloud kitchen operators Kitchens@ and Kitchen Centre have called off their merger deal, which was announced in March 2022, and will instead scale operations as two separate companies. Prolonged due diligence, which flagged other compliance issues, was among the top reasons that resulted in the merger talks falling through. Together having presence in over 100 locations, across 20 cities, and running more than 1,000 kitchens as March 2022.

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