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February 23, 2023

Peter Cook, Editor

You’re reading this newsletter, so you must have something to do with the ghost kitchen, delivery, virtual brand, or foodtech business.  Are you going to join us in Amsterdam next week?  Check out the speaker lineup and the agenda.  They are awesome.  You do not want to miss this event!

We’ll have industry leaders from all over:  the UK, the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, Israel, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Germany, Qatar, Italy, Kuwait, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Egypt, Ireland, Denmark, Oman, and more!  This is going to be a really unique experience.

You can still register.  I hope to see you there!

And now, the news…

Issue #131

Wingstop’s traffic growth buoyed by 60% digital mix

Delivery makes up 30% of sales. Come meet leadership from Wingstop’s international team at the International Ghost Kitchen conference in Amsterdam next week!

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WSJ: DoorDash Sales Rose Last Quarter as Consumers Continued to Order Delivery

People are spending more on food delivery even as prices rise.

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Olo Provides Q4 Update

Nancy Luna provides a nice summary of Olo’s Q4 performance.

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Food market 'ripe for massive disruption,' tech billionaire Marc Lore says

Wonder Group Founder and CEO Marc Lore sat down with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi to discuss the tech startup’s partnership with top chefs to offer gourmet food delivery, opening the first New York locations, expansion plans, and Lore's entrepreneurship. Really good, 5-minute video interview.

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Ordering Food Delivery From TikTok Might Actually Become A Thing

According to CNBC, ByteDance has a plan to start rolling out a food delivery service on the Chinese version of TikTok -- a scheme which could eventually launch in other parts of the world. But how will ordering food from TikTok actually work and will it be a success?

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Last mile delivery - a utility waiting to bring profitability?

Peter Backman, who will be speaking at the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam next week, provides his usual great insights regarding food delivery.

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This Week in Food Delivery & Quick Commerce

Nice overview of big announcements related to food delivery around the world.

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Portland: Food Delivery Apps Are Capped and Kitchens Are Ghosted

A law limiting third-party food delivery app fees becomes permanent in Portland. Where could the Metro region go next?

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Trends that will rule the future of the food delivery industry

So what trends are set to rule the future of the food delivery industry? These writers did their research and below are some of the hot trends that will change the future of the food delivery industry.

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How Dark Kitchens Can Get More Instagram and TikTok Followers

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it is always good to have some reminders of some basic best practices.

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How AI could bring the dishes of the world's great chefs to your doorstep

In a science-fiction-like scenario, 'recipe record and playback' technology means that a chef's signature dish could be recreated in a kitchen they've never even set foot in.

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How Will Off-Premise Dining In Europe Evolve? A Glimpse Into The Future

Apicbase shares some great insights. You can also meet some of the team members next week at the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam!

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EU: Quick Updates on Food Delivery News

ThinkPaladar provides bullet points updates on food delivery news in Europe.

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EU: The bubble of 'dark kitchen' ghost kitchens: is it still profitable to open a food delivery business?

A look at whether dark kitchens can thrive in Spain (translation needed).

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MENA: How cloud kitchen startup KitchenomiKs is powering the GCC foodtech ecosystem

Oman-based KitchenomiKs is a hybrid foodtech startup that offers cloud kitchens for virtual multi-brand restaurants. It is also establishing delivery hubs across GCC. Come meet the team at the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam!

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MENA: Virtual Drive-Through Start Up N.Go Signs Strategic Agreement With FOODICS

Partnership agreement to benefit both n.go and Foodics customers, opening a new sales channel to drive convenience and enhanced customer experience.

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MENA: These hospitality brands are working with cloud kitchens in the Middle East. Why?

The marriage of ghost kitchens and hotels has the potential as a long-term business model, experts say.

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MENA: Food delivery time, costs are main challenges for restaurants in post-Covid era

Food delivery services are currently leading the online marketplace, crossing even pre-pandemic times.

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India: Ghost Kitchens India acquires celebrity burger brand "Speak Burgers" by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Through this strategic acquisition, Ghost Kitchens plans to cater to & acquire a new customer segment with high spending power. Ghost Kitchens India’s Founder, Karan Tanna, will be speaking at the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam next week!

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India: CloudKitchen’s Brand KitchenPlus Closes, Competitor Takes Over Some Sites

It was reported that over 30 out of 80 kitchens of KitchenPlus have been taken over by Delhi-based commercial shared-kitchen firm Speed Kitchen, which has about 120 kitchens across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, and Jaipur.

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India: Bajo Foods Serves their 1 Millionth Meal

They also operate India's largest network of Low Carb Cloud Kitchen Brands.

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India: Zomato-backed food robotics firm closes cloud kitchen unit

Mukunda Foods, a Zomato-backed food robotics startup, has reportedly closed its kitchen-as-a-service business Nucleus Kitchens after failing to turn it profitable.

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Podcast: One More Scoop with Kimberly Yao

Kimberly Yao is the co-founder of CloudEats, a multi-brand cloud kitchen active in the Philippines and Vietnam and has raised $13M in Series A Funding.

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Podcast: Restaurant Business Talks with Matt Newberg

They talk about the state of technology and automation and how all this technology will influence customer service inside the restaurant.

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