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October 6, 2022

Peter Cook, Editor

We have a nice change in focus and content in the Ghost Kitchen Digest this week.  Fewer announcements this week, and much more analysis.  We hope you enjoy it!

And now, the news…

Issue #113

Report: 31% of restaurants have reduced menu size due to inflation

In response to inflation, 39% of restaurants started tracking the price of key ingredients.

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Winning the loyalty of customers with a virtual restaurant brand

The virtual brand model is appealing in many ways.

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Ghost kitchens offer virtually everything

“Ghost Kitchens” — the name conjures up Halloween-ish images of goblins at the cooktop.

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Study shows consumers plan spending cutbacks in dining, food delivery and travel

Personal finances continue to be the primary concern for US consumers.

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Popeyes' UK restaurants and ghost kitchens are proving to be very popular

Their first UK location now has the highest sales of its 3,700 restaurants worldwide.

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India: Zomato is testing lower fees for late deliveries

Zomato appears to be introducing a feature in the app for a lower delivery fee in exchange for a slightly delayed delivery.

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Not So Dark Raises $80 Million to Help Restaurants Thrive in Post-Pandemic World

With the fresh capital, Not So Dark plans to expand its footprint across Europe at a very fast pace.

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Rebel Foods raises $9.22 million venture debt from Alteria Capital

Rebel Foods runs 4,000 cloud kitchens across 45 brands.

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Stellar Pizza Secures $16.5 Million to Build a Fleet of Mobile Robot-Making Pizza Restaurants

A new food truck concept called Stellar Pizza that is set to launch at the University of Southern California this fall.

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Delivery Data Insights

Peter Backman, who will be moderating a panel discussion at the International Ghost Kitchen Conference in Amsterdam this March, provides some great insights into the importance of data in the food delivery world.

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California food delivery start-up slammed with $140,000 fine

The department says Locale employed 78 teenage delivery drivers between July 2020 and July 2021.

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DC to crackdown on for-hire food delivery drivers who park in street

The DC Council passed temporary legislation to start ticketing delivery drivers who double park.

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Food delivery robots to roam Chicago in pilot program

Food delivery robots will head for Chicago’s sidewalks following the city council’s recent approval of a pilot program.

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How Restaurants are Using Robots to Reduce Costs, Improve Operations and Enhance the Guest Experience

There are a number of benefits that robots can provide across different restaurant function areas.

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The Newest Ways Restaurants Are Embracing Automation

A recent Capterra Survey found that restaurant automation is on the rise.

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Food delivery drone lands on power lines resulting in power outage for thousands

Some 2,000 individuals were left without electricity for around 45 minutes.

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Grubhub partners with Gopuff for on-demand service

Hundreds of Gopuff locations across the country will be available on the Grubhub Marketplace in the coming weeks.

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Restaurant Delivery Giant Deliveroo Has Opened a Real Life Grocery Store

Deliveroo Hop, a “bricks-and-mortar” grocery store will open in partnership with supermarket Morrisons.

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Square’s Future of Restaurants report: 2022 Edition

The future of restaurants is here — and customers are at the heart of it.

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The growth of cloud kitchens in India

The Indian cloud kitchens market expected to be about $1 billion by 2023.

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The future of hospitality technology

Behind the scenes of Presto’s IPO.

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Table of Experts: Latest technology trends in hospitality

How hospitality businesses are preparing for the future.

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DoorDash will offer $1M in gift cards to food insecure communities

The aggregator has partnered with 18 mayors to provide data on local food needs and deliver meals.

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Former Applebee’s Franchisee Expects IHOP to Attract Breakfast Fans in Saudi Arabia

Ghost kitchens are an integral part of the company's expansion strategy.

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Apóla Greek Grill to Open Delivery-Only Spot with Cloud Kitchens

Apóla today announced a partnership with Cloud Kitchens to open a location in Anaheim.

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This local chef delivers handmade pastries to East Dallas neighborhoods

When Cedotal started the business he began baking in a ghost kitchen downtown.

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Celebrity chef and cloud kitchen owner Vicky Ratnani gets candid

"I think cloud kitchens will always be around now."

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Zomato FY22 revenue jumps 123%

Zomato's revenue rose 123% to Rs 4,109 crore in the 2021-22 financial year. The company's loss widened by 24%.

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