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Day 2

8:00 am
Networking Breakfast
Reunion Ballroom A-D
8:30 am
Opening Remarks
  • • Pete Cook, President, OnTrend Concepts
Reunion Ballroom E-H
8:45 am
Overview of the Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Market
  • • Michael Schaefer, Global Lead - Food and Beverage, Euromonitor International
Reunion Ballroom E-H
9:30 am
Industry Leadership Panel
  • • Carl Orsbourn, Food Delivery Author & Thought Leader, Learn.Delivery [M]
  • • Geoff Alexander, President & CEO, Wow Bao
  • • Kenneth Rourke, President, REEF Kitchens & Retail
  • • Kelly Grogan, Vice President, Virtual Dining Concepts
  • • Marc Choy, CEO, Ghost Kitchen Brands
Reunion Ballroom E-H
10:30 am
Morning Networking Break
Reunion Ballroom A-D
11:15 am
Innovative Approaches Panel
  • • Nancy Luna, Restaurants Correspondent, Insider [M]
  • • Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio, Co-Founder, Aioli Gourmet Burgers and BLT Kitchens
  • • Massimo Noja De Marco, Founder, Soigne’
  • • Viggnesh Kandasamy, Co-Founder & CTO, One Stop Kitchen & MayaEats
Reunion Ballroom E-H
12:00 pm
A New Frontier? Metaverse and Cryptocurrency
  • • John Wingate, Founder & CEO, BankSocial [M]
  • • Corinne Watson, Director of Content & Brand, Lunchbox
  • • Brian Furano, Vice President of Brand Licensing, Nextbite
  • • Chad Horn, Co-founder & COO, Devour
Reunion Ballroom E-H
12:30 pm
“The Industry Collection” Brand Opportunity Announcement
Reunion Ballroom E-H
12:35 pm
Networking Lunch
  • • Chef Eric Greenspan, Executive Culinary Director, Virtual Dining Concepts [Master of Ceremonies]

  • Lunch Sponsor:
Marsalis Hall A
2:00 pm
The Virtual Kitchen Competition is Fierce! Learn How 3 Distinct Types of Operating Models Differ and What Makes Each a Success
  • • Katie Cox, VP Business Development, The Middleby Corporation [M]
  • • Chris Baggott, Cofounder/CEO, ClusterTruck
  • • Vinny DyReyes, VP New Ventures, Nextbite
  • • Dana Hathaitham, Director of Business Development, Ghost Kitchen Brands
Reunion Ballroom E-H
3:00 pm
Afternoon Networking Break
Reunion Ballroom A-D
2:45 pm
Fireside Chat with Virtual Dining Concepts’ CEO Stephanie Sollers
  • • Kristen Hawley, Editor, Expedite [interviewer]
Reunion Ballroom E-H
3:45 pm
IoT and Ghost Kitchens: Using Technology to Drive Efficiency and Agility
  • • Jay Fiske, President, Powerhouse Dynamics [M]
  • • Wade Allen, SVP Innovation, Brinker International
  • • Peter Cryan, VP Equipment Innovation and Automation, Inspire Brands
Reunion Ballroom E-H
4:15 pm
Third Party Delivery Panel
  • • Andrew Custage, Head of Analytics, Sense360 by Medallia [M]
  • • Wes Patrick, Director of Global Off-Premise Business, TGI Fridays
  • • Aaron Hoffman, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, DeliverThat
  • • Aron Hollander, Senior Manager, Dark Kitchens, Uber Eats
  • • Zhong Xu, Co-Founder and CEO, Deliverect
Reunion Ballroom E-H
5:00 pm
Networking Reception
Reunion Ballroom A-D
6:30 pm
Evening free for client dinners and informal networking